Aug 17, 2023

The ASquared AppDelight series: reviewing what makes Duolingo great

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Duolingo produces lessons in a variety of languages such as Spanish, French and German in a gamified way that makes it fun to learn (and that isn’t often said). It has hit the nail on the head with the UX, and they clearly know how to engage users and keep them coming back for more, earning rewards as you go. It is known for being especially great for beginners, and as someone at the very beginning of their Spanish journey, I find it perfect.

What we love about the app

There is a brilliant 'streak' system that makes you want to return to the app to learn. As a competitive and habitual individual, the thought of losing a streak is terrifying! If you complete a lesson for a week then you have a seven day streak, but if on the 8th day you don’t go on the app then you lose that streak and it resets to zero (heaven forbid). You can also commit to a ‘streak goal’ to incentivise you a bit more. It is a really nice and simple way of providing that little push that you need to complete a lesson each day.

The Duolingo streak system that we love

The lessons are bite size and personalised, so it never feels overwhelming, like learning a language sometimes does. One lesson can often take less than ten minutes, and a lot of the time in our busy lives, little and often is a great way to keep consistent when it comes to learning. You can even go back and see your mistakes so you know what to focus on next time.

It’s free, with the option to upgrade if you want, and I read somewhere that the app plans to stay free forever. If you think about the cost it would be to attend in-person lessons where you have to take into account travelling to the classroom as well, Duolingo is the perfect choice for a cheap, quick, fun and effective ‘class'. 

Some of our favourite Duolingo features

Duolingo’s interactive and fun approach to language learning, coupled with its engaging UX design creates an ideal platform for beginners. With features like the streak system and short, personalised lessons, it’s an ideal fit for those seeking an affordable and convenient path to language learning.

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