About us.

We focus on developing exemplary digital products, working with startups, scale-ups and ambitious enterprise organisations to help accelerate their businesses and achieve their goals.

We are Innovators.

Greater than the sum of our parts, we’re a team that cares deeply about the work we do, focusing on the why as much as the what and the how.

With a wealth of experience as a mobile app, web & digital platform specialist, we bring a flexible and scalable approach to all our engagements. 
Meet the team
A smiling ASquared team
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People, Partners, Planet.

Our take on the Triple Bottom Line, we believe the best digital products will take into account sustainability and climate best practices... as well as generating revenue for shareholders and great employee experiences.

Many of our projects have a sustainability impact, and as of 2022, we are driving sustainable behaviour and altruistic rewards into the fabric of our culture, our projects and our partnerships.
A diagram showing our focus on People, Partners and Planet
A diagram depicting our approach and process of Understand, Create and Scale

Our approach.

We work openly and collaboratively, always striving to understand the problems and challenges our partners are trying to solve.

No project or client are the same. That’s why we always take a flexible approach to every project, underpinned by our own proven agile delivery methodologies and best practices.

We deliver projects in agile sprints, and have dedicated teams for each of our core competencies, able to scale up and down as your needs change.

Our team.

We're a unique mix of collaborators, entrepreneurs and creators who care about what we do, who we do it for, and why we're doing it.

As a team we integrate and work closely with internal teams, openly sharing our expertise and enabling easy transfer of knowledge in a supportive and inspiring way.

We always take a human-centric approach to help both our clients and our own people succeed and thrive.

We have a proven track record of integrating seamlessly with in house teams, actively transferring knowledge and providing the ultimate learning vehicle.

Meet our team

Introducing our awesome and talented people here at A Squared.
Anthony Stonham
Chief Executive
Anouska Greenaway
Project Manager
Ben Martin
Business Development Director
Dawn Farnes
Business Support Manager
Dave Clarke
Finance Director
David - Alumni
David Smith
Digital Transformation Strategist
Hayden - Alumni
Hayden Carnegie
Lead Designer
Jake Smith
Lead Front-end Developer
James Kennedy
Software Developer
Josie - Alumni
Josie Nelder
Software Developer
Mary Awere
Project Manager
Nick B
Nick Braithwaite
Product Strategist
Nick K
Nick Kuh
Director of Engineering
Sam P
Sam Pennington
Sam R - Alumni
Sam Richards
Senior Software Developer
Sara Leatherland
Operations Director
Scott Stonham
Digital Transformation Advisor

Our services.


We help you understand the problems you're trying to solve, developing a clear understanding of your product, its users, features and the desired user experience.

UX & Product Design

We create human centric designs, user flows, wireframes and clickable prototypes to bring your ideas to life, from sketching out the user experience to interface design.

Launch & Grow

We assist with the App Store approval process, guiding our clients on best practices for optimal adoption, growth marketing and ongoing support and maintenance.

QA Testing

Our dedicated quality assurance team deploys user acceptance and automated testing to ensure a high standard of product at every release.


Our experienced team build advanced React Native mobile apps, progressive web apps and platforms, with analytics, at pace, working with agile principles.

Our annual adventure days.

A smiling team on an annual adventure dayA smiling team on an annual adventure dayA smiling team on an annual adventure dayA smiling team on an annual adventure dayA smiling team on an annual adventure dayA smiling team on an annual adventure dayA bicycleA smiling team on an annual adventure day

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