BP Passport

Tracking blood pressure, blood sugar and medicines
BP Passport


The Simple BP Passport app is designed to support the not-for-profit organisation Resolve to Save Lives (an initiative of Vital Strategies) and their initial hypertension programme by reminding patients to take their daily medicines and chart their blood pressure or blood sugar over time to see personal progress. The programme’s goal is to save 100M lives from heart attacks and strokes by helping low and middle income countries implement large-scale hypertension management programme's.

The Challenge

The challenge was to develop the most intuitive application for managing blood pressure, blood sugar levels and medicines for iOS and Android users. The app needed to have multilingual support, it also needed to connect with users who were already tracking their blood pressure with a BP Passport through QR codes.

Our Role

ASquared played a fundamental role in developing the BP Passport app working with the designs provided by Resolve To Save Lives, our engineering team worked on creating the best health tracking app, whilst providing ad-hoc UX/UI considerations where appropriate. We provided testing throughout each iteration alongside video demos to the client to showcase our progress and gather feedback.

The Solution

BP Passport is a completely free app available to all iOS and Android users:

- Easy-to-use

- No login required

- iCloud sync

- Simple blood pressure and blood sugar tracking

- Custom medicine reminders