A rebuild of their website and a new way of utilising their custom CMS for curated workspaces in the UK & Ireland

The Challenge

Huckletree had an entirely new product that they wanted to promote, being Huckletree Places. The brief was to help them incorporate their design onto their CMS (ButterCMS). Upon closer inspection, it looked like there was a great degree of legacy assets and code that weren't contributing to the website. We decided to push towards a major tidy up, one because it would increase performance with speed not only with the user but with the website itself.

Our role

‍ASquared worked alongside the Huckletree Design, Development and Management team. This followed with us integrating seamlessly with their workflow and also introduced some improvements by which we stand by.

Our main objective was to improve the UX of ButterCMS and update/create components that would be regular sections within the website.


The way ButterCMS was configured, it involved a lot of back and forth between sections in the CMS to get a page up and running, including communication with the development team to push templates to the codebase each time they wanted a new page.

Our development team created a workflow that sped up page creation down to mere minutes including eliminating that line of communication with the development team that was required, freeing them up to do more of the tasks they enjoyed.

Design management

The talented designers over at Huckletree produced their designs in AdobeXD which was slightly unfamiliar to our developers. As good as the tool is, unfortunately, it doesn't give us a source of truth of when and what changed at any point. ASquared helped their team improve their development handover by training them how to use Zeplin and being that extra layer of Quality Assurance before screens/components went into development

UX overhaul of ButterCMS

We went through a meticulous rework of their components, we looked at the list of inputs required for each one and wondered if there were ways to shorten them, reduce user error or even automate them. We spent time breaking down the inputs from their labels, to the fixed amount of characters for 20+ components and their variants.

The Handbook

As the team could interchange over time, we wanted to help reduce new employee learning curves. We produced a handbook that showcased every component, each variant and what every single option does. Including a guide to creating certain pages and updating collections.
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