Reviv X

Transforming nutritional health through personalised IV drip therapy
Reviv X

As the global leaders in precision nutrition, REVIV provides personalised nutritional solutions through IV therapy and intramuscular vitamin shots, for maximum bioavailability to optimise absorption. By delivering a personalised recipe of essential nutrients, vitamins, electrolytes, minerals and antioxidants, their therapies can help to support people’s nutritional health, providing nourishment and hydration to optimise health and wellbeing.

Reviv X is a custom-built B2B SaaS product

The problem

REVIV had a digital transformation opportunity for business expansion which needed scoping, planning and executing. In need of a tailor-made web-based platform for multiple clinics who administer their therapies, REVIV required a complete design and build of a new B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) product. As the industry leaders, this product is the first of its kind in the space. REVIV’s global clients – from GPs and dental clinics to gyms, beauty clinics and wellness centres – needed a system to enable them to screen and administer personalised treatment plans for their patients, all safely, securely and with ease. 

Prescribing, mixing and delivering a tailor-made formula of nutrients, vitamins and more requires a complex analysis of contraindications and a large number of possible combinations of ingredients, formulas, recommendations and errors. Clinicians also need to be able to load patient information, complete medical screenings and assessments, recommend treatment plans, provide clearance for treatments and access pricing. This is all while adhering to stringent, location dependent data residency regulations and processing and storing the medical records data securely.

The process

ASquared set out to design, build and deliver an industry-compliant medical screening tool, IV therapy recommendation engine and supporting multi-featured B2B SaaS application over the course of 9 months, from inception to launch.


We firstly led a period of discovery which included a programme of user research and extensive liaison with almost 20 key client stakeholders. This was conducted in combination with speaking to current customers and experts to help us better understand their complex requirements and fully appreciate the industry landscape and scope of the project. We identified, gathered, documented and analysed the requirements before moving on to our service design phase. 

Mapping the service across multiple touch points

Service design

Based on the user and expert research, we designed REVIV’s expansive ecosystem, mapping and advising how REVIV would deliver their new product across both digital and offline experiences. This process included designing the user flows from nine key user groups, with an incredible number of possible permutations in each. We followed with a phase of feature capturing and prioritisation using custom-built process flows and tools. We created digital product wireframes, high fidelity pages and components, and crucially, an interactive prototype to communicate our collective thinking. 

Clickable prototyping

Clickable prototypes built in Figma were an essential step in bringing REVIV’s digital product to life. For this large and unique project we kept the prototypes ‘live’, updated from the beginning until the end of the project. This successfully kept multiple stakeholders updated simultaneously throughout. Moreover, it hugely increased the efficiency of development by describing the interaction and experience design of the new product throughout its development.

Chaining together screens to create a clickable prototype

Development phase

To build the complex framework capable of serving multiple permutations of results and requirements to different user groups, we chose NestJS as the back end framework and Next.js as the front end framework (read our thoughts about that here). Utilising their out-of-the-box methodologies and best practices helped simplify the setup process of such an intricate back end, allowing us to scale the project seamlessly across a large team of developers, both at ASquared and REVIV. We also employed TurboRepo to manage and build the project as a monorepo for faster feature implementation across the stack, which created a huge amount of cross-team technical efficiency. At all times we utilised scrum-based agile software development methodologies to enable us to deliver value at pace.

Taking a modular approach for better design/dev collaboration

We built a tailor-made multi-factor authentication process along with additional role-based authentication systems and chose to use Prisma, allowing for Typescript syntax to be used for interacting with our database, ensuring type safety and a single source of truth for the whole system. As the application was predominantly built for use on tablet devices and desktop, we made the most of established UX patterns and ensured we employed reusable, responsive elements to keep the user interface fresh, clean and cross-device compatible.

Rigorous testing

Responsible for over 16m permutations of formulations in a highly regulated industry – all of which had to be processed and compliant – the SaaS product underwent rigorous quality assurance and testing. We executed 100% backend test coverage: for every function we coded on the backend we wrote extensive test scripts, meaning every single line of code was covered by testing due to the complex medical nature of the data.


ASquared built REVIV a completely custom B2B SaaS product (REVIV X) with customer account and billing management, customer clinic and clinician team management, an IV therapy and IV business training suite, plus references, resources and support. We additionally built a B2C IV therapy suite which included patient medical screening tools, a custom tailored IV therapy generation engine, branded IV therapies and a full system of patient safety contraindications, plus clearance for treatments.

The complete product suite consisted of the IVacademy: a learning management system housing interactive e-learning accredited modules and interactive content; IVformulate which powered the formula mixtures and prescription builder; IVmediscreen to provide a medical screening tool and to produce contraindications data, the REVIV Information Hub and the Global Coordination Centre for direct support and assistance.

We were delighted to help REVIV realise their business expansion goals and execute a successful role-out for their launch event. Through excellent cross-company teamwork and incredibly effective project management, this very large project ran as efficiently as possible to achieve the desired outcomes, and bridge any gaps in the delivery and resources required. Working with agility, we remained flexible, supportive and adaptable to changing business requirements throughout. 

To future-proof the internal team we even helped REVIV interview and hire their own engineers to help develop and maintain the system moving forwards, which was a huge display of the mutual trust we fostered during this amazing project.

REVIV is a great example of a successful non-tech focused business embracing digital to massively scale and grow. This is a real sweet spot for ASquared. We pride ourselves on bringing human-centred digital design and development thinking to high growth companies looking to disrupt and advance digital opportunities in their market.