Jun 19, 2024

The ASquared AppDelight Series: TheFork

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Looking for a new foodie adventure? TheFork is a fast, free, and easy to use app for online restaurant bookings. With an extensive network of over 60,000 restaurants across Europe, users will be spoilt for choice, discovering hidden gems and new favourite venues.

Restaurant partners can offer exclusive discounts (up to 50%!) when reservations are made through the app, making TheFork an excellent tool for promoting dining accessibility and restaurant discoverability.

Some of the features we love!

Things we love about the app

TheFork automatically applies booking discounts, removing the stress of presenting coupon codes or vouchers at the restaurant. But the best feature about TheFork is the points-based reward system ("Yums") which can then be redeemed for £20 or £50 off at participating restaurants! The app also offers users additional ways to earn Yums, such as time-limited double points bookings and a refer a friend scheme.

For those foodies who can’t imagine making a booking without checking the reviews first - don’t worry! Each restaurant has a detailed, bespoke page featuring customer reviews, average ratings, full menu listings, average bill costs, plus a photo gallery. On top of that, the profile presents helpful information on accessibility, pet-friendliness and family suitability, eliminating any worries and the need to call ahead.

Enabled with GPS, the app allows users to search by location, cuisine, or food type in either a calendar or list view. Its user-friendly booking system indicates days when discounts are available or when restaurants are accepting Yums towards payment, so that users can make the most out of the reward system.

If, however, you’re feeling hangry and need some quick suggestions, the app also curates personalised picks based on user activity, or you can dive into insights from TheFork team on the "best rated", "most booked", or "on the rise" restaurants.

TheFork is perfect for those wanting to discover new restaurants with the bonus of exclusive discounts, all whilst earning rewards towards another experience!

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