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Amy Jade Choi

Amy Jade Choi

Meet Amy, our Communications Executive and all round marketing enthusiast who loves the art of adapting messages to connect with different audiences. A creative writer and social media whiz, she’s all over our digital channels, from crafting engaging posts to scrolling through the latest trends.

Amy is passionate about building relationships, getting to know peoples’ unique stories, and exploring different viewpoints, which is a huge hit when engaging with entrepreneurs. She’s all about empathy and putting herself in others’ shoes, making sure every campaign hits the right note. Previously, she worked at a cake magazine (ironically, she hates cake!), the charity World Book Day, and an independent publishing house, gaining experience in digital content, marketing and PR.

Brighton born and having studied English Literature and Publishing at the University of Derby (after aiming to miss the city by the sea), she’s thrilled to now be back in her hometown. During her degree, her love for digging deeper led her to delve into multi-platform publishing, using apps, gamification, and immersive tech to share stories. Outside of work, she adores her mischievous cockapoo and is a bookworm, film buff, and keen gamer. Cooking is a favourite hobby, especially Korean, Chinese, and Japanese dishes, though she detests baking (see, hates cake).

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If you could have invented any technology, what would it have been and why?
The dog interpretation collar from Up, just so I can hear my dog’s excitement when he sees a squirrel

What's your go-to snack?
Crisps, olives and cheese

Favourite quote or personal motto?
There’s no point in trying to be original, you’re already unique, so just be yourself

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