Oct 6, 2023

The ASquared AppDelight Series: reviewing what makes Too Good To Go great

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Too Good To Go allows users to buy unsold and surplus food from local eateries, grocery stores, bakeries and other food businesses. By purchasing these items at a discounted price, users can help perfectly good food from being thrown away.

In a world where food waste is a significant concern, Too Good To Go emerges as a shining solution, turning the rescue of unsold food into a delightful surprise for users. The app offers a unique concept - buying Surprise Bags filled with surplus foods from local shops and restaurants at a heavy discount, preventing perfectly good food from going to waste.

The concept is great. The browsing experience on Too Good To Go is straightforward and user-friendly. Users can explore listings of nearby shops and restaurants, each offering Surprise Bags at prices ranging from £3 to £8. Think an M&S simply food selection for £4, or an Island Poke Bowl for £3!

Things we love about the app

The beauty of the app lies in the element of surprise it brings to users. The concept of purchasing Surprise Bags filled with unsold food from local shops and restaurants creates an exciting experience, similar to opening a present or pulling something out from a lucky dip. While the lack of control of not choosing the items may be a drawback for some, the excitement of discovering the unexpected items compensates for it.

Too Good To Go goes beyond offering discounted surplus food; it actively engages users in the fight against food waste by tracking their environmental impact. The app shows how much CO2 users have saved through their purchases, such as through electricity saved on the grid or the equivalent time in hot showers. This feature adds a meaningful and eco-conscious aspect to the app, allowing users to see the positive effects of their choices.

The app excels in providing a user-friendly and engaging experience. Browsing through available options and collection times is seamless, and the integration of FaceID for payment adds a level of convenience. The app's proactive approach to user engagement, such as notifications about stock availability and early booking alerts keeps users actively involved.

Beyond the personal benefits, Too Good To Go provides an avenue for users to support local charities, such as Fareshare, the UK’s largest charity fighting hunger and food waste. This additional option adds a charitable aspect to the feel-good experience of rescuing food.

Some of the features we love

Too Good To Go delivers on its promise of providing a unique and eco-friendly solution to food waste. For those who enjoy a bit of a surprise and want to contribute positively to the environment, this app is a great choice.

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