Climate Court

Raising awareness about our individual contributions to climate change
Climate Court

The Challenge

Climate Court is a social enterprise designed to help you learn more about your current unsustainable behaviours and challenge yourself to do better. They needed to create an engaging digital experience that could challenge people to think about how their behaviours impacted the environment. A key requirement for users was the ability to create multiple "cases" against defendants in a fictitious court room hosting a panel of "Climate Judges". The user needed to be able to test the defendant with a series of questions, receive the result and share this result with others to spread urgency on the impact on the planet we are having.

The Solution

With defined product vision and objectives following the initial Discovery, key features were agreed and user stories developed translating both the goals of the business and the user into statements that allowed the design team to map out a user journey. The user flow was tested and iterated on to minimise the number of steps required in the app and create a leaner MVP.

The Process

Next the design team experimented with the visual design language, creating mood-boards and design concepts. Following this the design system of components was created for the app which allowed the visual design of all the screens and states to be created for the application. The team collaborated with the client at all stages using Zeplin.

The app was engineered across both iOS and Android simultaneously using the React-Native development framework and a Firebase back-end. Implementation of features such as "one-tap" sharing, to allow users to share the results of each "case" with others through social media or instant messaging services. Updates to the app were deployed at the end of each iteration, enabling the client to track progress on their phone and see their app come to life.