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Dawn Farnes

Dawn Farnes

Meet Dawn, our incredible Business Services Manager – the driving force behind our team!

Dawn comes to us with a background in all things motoring, bringing over two decades of business management experience to the table. With her superhuman organisational skills and a “can-do” attitude that’s as bright as sunshine, Dawn takes on every challenge with a smile (even the “fun” ones we throw her way!).

She’s like the wizard of efficiency - a bit like witchcraft, magically transforming our procedures and processes to run smoother than a well-oiled engine. Dawn is the GPS that keeps us on the right track, making sure we reach our destination hassle-free.When it comes to tech, everyone think’s she’s a wizard but she’s got to work at it! She’s always up for trying out new software tools and crafting innovative solutions to boost our productivity. In fact, she’s the go-to person for everything, but NOT techy stuff (see James Kennedy’s profile!) - she’s loyal, reliable, and utterly trusted.

But Dawn isn’t all business. Outside the office, she’s a thrill-seeker and sports enthusiast. Whether she’s pumping iron, kayaking, cycling, or throwing punches in the boxing ring, she’s always up for an adventure. Her dynamic approach to life is contagious, and she keeps our team running at full throttle!

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What is your go-to snack?
Gin and Tonic – does that count as a snack?

What do you spend your wellbeing budget on?
Nutrition monitoring apps to keep me on track.‍

What's the weirdest app idea that you have had?
Dating apps …. don’t get me started! Or a home inventory app where you can snap pics of everything in your home, add receipts, and important deets? Or a specialised app for the tricky FODMAP diet, making it a breeze to scan foods and find delicious recipes on the spot. Genius!

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