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Jon Aizlewood

Jon Aizlewood

Meet Jon, our Design Director & overall design aficionado; a seasoned pro with two decades of digital design experience. Jon is adept at overseeing the entire creative process from UX and design to development and launch, excelling in design strategy, UX & UI design, design sprints, interaction design, and creative direction. His knack for prioritising user needs over tech stacks, coupled with a deep business understanding makes him an invaluable part of our client projects as well as a sought after international speaker, who also writes regularly about design process and leadership.

Originally from Canada, Jon ventured into digital marketing before finding his true calling in digital design. He’s worked with an incredible array of B2B and B2C clients, from The Natural History Museum, Penguin Random House, BBC and Unicef to Virgin, BUPA and NBC Universal, and it’s easy to see why.

Beyond the day to day, Jon has a passion for typography and a rather specific one for designing his kids’ adorable daily lunchbox notes (which he’s done for over 14 years!). He’s drawn to the scenic beauty of the South Downs and is an active runner, hiker and cyclist (although really he favours gravel, MTB and road biking).

Jon’s just returned from a transformative five-month family sabbatical, where along with his wife and two wonderful daughters, he explored 3 continents, 10 countries, took countless flights, trains, taxis and steps, and made a million memories as they immersed themselves in diverse cultures as a family - an experience they hold as one of life's best.

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What’s the weirdest app idea you’ve ever had?
A bike app, where you could visually display your bike, list the components on it, make the listing public, and buy/sell components with other users. It was to be called ‘SteedyOn’.‍

If you could have invented any technology, what would it have been and why?
GPS. It’s revolutionised so much in our lives and we easily take it for granted, but imagine how often we’d get lost without it!

Describe your work style in three words.
Candid. Creative. Ideas.

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