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Head of Sustainability and Impact Builder

Scott Stonham

Scott Stonham

Meet Scott, who heads up our Impact Builder programme, and is a key driving force behind our mission to create a more purpose-driven and positive impact on the world. With a remarkable journey that highlights his dedication to sustainability, Scott’s influence extends far beyond the conventional boundaries of business.

In 2017, Scott embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship, establishing a business with a focus on the UN SDGs. Scott has a particular passion for the intersection between sustainability and technology, and for the last few years has run workshops and mentored businesses on developing sustainable strategies, as well as authoring an insightful report into digital carbon footprints.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Scott is a bike-riding, family man and an avid explorer of nature. Having lived in Slovakia for two years, Scott’s experiences have enriched his perspective on diverse cultures and global challenges. He’s also a self-professed ‘tinkerer’ who loves experimenting with technology and engineering to make some cool gadgets for his home, friends and family.

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What’s the weirdest app idea that you’ve ever had?
A dog translator.‍

What’s your favourite app-related meme or tech joke?
What did Yoda say the first time he saw himself on 4K tv? HD, am I.

Favourite quote or personal motto?
Keep trying Scott, it will work‍

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