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Sylvia Hoang

Sylvia Hoang

Meet Sylvia, our talented Software Engineer! From a young age, Sylvia has been tapping into her creativity with blogging, photography, and editing. Interestingly, her coding journey began with blogging. When she realised that this could be her career path, she started attending coding events to network and gain insights into the developer world. It was at one of these events where she learnt about the Founders and Coders bootcamp, which she later completed.

Sylvia is very passionate about social impact projects, and it’s important to her that her work reflects this. During her bootcamp, she collaborated with non-profit organisations, and it was these experiences that she found most rewarding, as they often weren’t able to pursue typical development routes. After her bootcamp, she worked as a designated React Native app developer and is now ready to get stuck into all our impactful projects at ASquared.

When she's not bringing products to life, Sylvia loves to travel and see the world. She's adventured through East Asia, including Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam (where her family are from). Among her many hobbies, Sylvia is highly skilled in baking (particularly macarons!), pottery, and sculpting. You can also catch her at gigs, singing along to live indie, jazz, and classic RnB tunes.

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React Native
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What’s the weirdest app idea you’ve ever had?
I went through a houmous and dip phase, so I would have loved an app to rate different dips!

If you could have invented any technology, what would it have been and why?
The camera. Imagine being the first person to be able to take what you see and save it onto something. I just think that's amazing.

What do you spend your monthly wellbeing budget on?
Active classes (yoga or pilates)

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