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Michelle Winchester

Michelle Winchester

Meet Michelle, our brilliant Product Designer, who began her creative journey at art school. She graduated with an interior design degree, where her passion for user-centred design started. Her love for visual design soon led her to explore the realms of graphic design and print, before moving into the world of UI and UX design.

Fascinated by the strategy and process of blending UX and UI design, Michelle thrives in the dynamic and exciting environment of agency life. She loves to tackle complex projects, approaching each challenge with enthusiasm. Her primary focus is on creating solutions that benefit the end users, ensuring that every aspect of the project is designed with their best interests in mind.

You’ll often find Michelle out for a run in the sun (although reluctantly!), watching sci-fi or fantasy films, or singing her heart out to some 90s or naughties music. Ever since moving to Brighton 16 years ago, she's made it her home and has no plans of leaving this creative seaside city.

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Core disciplines
Product Design
UI design
UX Design
Brand development
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If you could have invented any technology, what would it have been and why?
Umbrella (not tech!). Every time I use it I think “this is amazing”.

What’s your favourite app-related meme or tech joke?
Jen from IT crowd “I have it on good authority that if you type Google into Google you’ll break the internet”.

What do you spend your monthly wellbeing budget on?‍

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