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Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke

Dave is a results driven and visionary Commercial Director with experience in financial, legal and business strategy. Operating ‘behind the scenes’, Dave plays a crucial role in ensuring the seamless execution of commercial aspects in deals with both clients and suppliers.

Dave thrives on being an integral part of the company’s success story. He enjoys having input into every aspect of the business, from strategic planning to day-to-day operations.

With a well-rounded perspective honed through experiences in various businesses and accountancy firms, Dave is equipped to go above and beyond in his role. He thrives on his active involvement, enjoying the exciting prospect of transforming the company into something greater than its current state.

Outside the office, Dave embraces an active lifestyle, finding joy in activities such as walking, cycling and martial arts. Exploring new places is his way of making every day feel like a holiday.

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What do you spend your monthly wellbeing budget on?
My Fitbit

Describe your work style in three words.
Calm, focused and sociable.

If you could have invented any technology, what would it have been and why?
I was once awarded a Blue Peter badge for inventing a flying machine for a penguin.‍

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