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Ant Stonham

Ant Stonham

Meet Ant, our visionary pioneer and quite possibly the best big boss on the planet. With a background “in a niche in software” since 97 (it’s very vague, he’s obviously a secret agent) and extensive experience as a consultant in investment banks in London and New York, Ant is no stranger to breaking boundaries and paving new paths. His independent journey began in 2011 when he ventured into the wonderful world of start-ups, fuelled by a passion for innovation and a desire to make a lasting impact. With a vision that knows no limits, Ant founded our beloved agency in 2017.

Ant’s primary focus is on cultivating a strong team capable of creating incredibly brilliant outcomes for our partners, and themselves. He’s passionate about fostering a culture that upholds our social and environmental purpose, ensuring that every step we take has a positive impact on the world. Ant goes the extra mile to support our partners too, he’s also an angel investor who’s passionate about impactful causes that create real positive change. Basically, an all round good guy.

Beyond the business realm, Ant is a man of many passions! He can fly, so you'll often spot him taking to the skies performing acrobatics in planes, eek. His love for flying also extends to piloting radio controlled helicopters and jets (definitely a secret agent). He’s also an avid scuba diver, and a self-proclaimed travel junkie who especially loves exploring the UK, seeking out rural gems to enjoy with his furry friends in tow. Oh and he recently ran 5k a day, every day, for nine months.

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What’s the weirdest app idea you’ve ever had?
A digital twin for my dog.‍

What’s your go-to snack?
Tinned sardines.‍

Describe your work style in three words.
Creative. Energetic. Fun.‍

If you could have invented any technology, what would it have been and why?
Antigravity t-shirts.‍

What’s your favourite app-related meme or tech joke?
My wife asked if I’d seen the dog bowl, I said I never knew he did.‍

What do you spend your monthly wellbeing budget on?
Spa membership.

Favourite quote or personal motto?
Be kind.

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