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Alex Reid

Alex Reid

Meet Alex, our skilled software engineer with a wealth of experience spanning three years in the industry. Starting out with a WordPress football blog, his journey into coding really took off after returning from travelling, where he embraced self-teaching as his entry into professional growth. Through platforms like Codecademy and online courses, Alex acquired the essential coding skills that have since defined his career.

Putting those awesome skills to practise, Alex’s passion is constantly highlighted by his fascination with problem-solving. He thrives on tackling challenges and finding innovative solutions, which has been pivotal in elevating a number of progressive projects at Asquared. Alex has an awesome sense of humour too, which provides many hilarious moments in the office.

Beyond the lines of code, Alex unwinds through Xbox gaming sessions, supporting his local football team and nailing the fantasy football leagues, nurturing his vegetable patch or relaxing in the local pub. But recently, Alex’s journey took even more of a significant turn with the joyous arrival of his newborn son, who is perfect in every way, apart from his mildly concerning inability to understand html. Watch this space for ASquared’s youngest recruit…

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What is the weirdest app idea that you have had?
An app that shows how quickly your vegetables are growing underground (a similar concept to the app that shows the size of your baby in the tummy!)‍

What do you spend your monthly wellbeing budget on?
Fiit app.‍

What is your go-to snack?
Peach ice tea.

Favourite quote or personal motto?
Hard work pays off. The more you put into something the more you get out of it.‍

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