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Alexandra King

Alexandra King

Alex, one of our fantastic Software Engineers, has a passion for mobile development. Over the past three years, she has gained experience with Native (mostly iOS and Swift) and React Native, but she's interested in all mobile languages and cross-platform development. Her favourite projects focus on using tech for good, and she's always excited to learn and advance her skillset.

Having trained as a classical harpist, she has many fascinating stories, such as performing for Robert Smith of The Cure (despite not recognising him!). Alex still teaches the harp and often draws parallels between music and software, such as spotting patterns in music sheets and code.

Alex has two beautiful, ginger fur babies: tiny Catalina Aurea (Lina), rescued from Spain, and not-so-tiny Lemon Pythagoras (LemPi), rescued from Greece. Outside of ASquared, Alex loves to get stuck into a video game (Zelda) or a tabletop game (Dungeons and Dragons).

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Core disciplines
React Native
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What’s your go-to snack?
Celery, just plain

If you could have invented any technology, what would it have been?
Digital tuner

Describe your work style in three words
Methodical, perfectionist, structure

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