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Atinu Odunuga

Atinu Odunuga

Say hello to Atinu, our Product Designer! With over four years of diverse design experience in the banking, CRM, EdTech, and FinTech industries, Atinu brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to our team. She holds a Master's degree in User Experience Design from Brighton University, and her passion for product design is evident in everything she does.

Atinu thrives in collaborative environments and is known for her user-centric approach to design. She is a multi-faceted designer with a keen interest in UI design and a particular fondness for Neubrutalism. Whether she's listening to design podcasts or applying her creative touch to transform functional elements into visually stunning interfaces, Atinu's dedication to her craft is unwavering.

Outside of work, Atinu is an avid traveler and an adrenaline junkie. Her adventures often include activities such as safaris, bungee jumping, paragliding, scuba diving, and sampling local cuisines when she travels.

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Core disciplines
Product Design
UX Design
UI design
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If you could have invented any technology, what would it be and why?
A teleportation device. Imagine zapping from one place to another in an instant—no more traffic jams or long flights! It would make the world feel a whole lot smaller (in a good way!).

Describe your work style in three words
Creative, fun, and detail-oriented

What’s your go-to snack?
Grapes & cookies

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