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Karolina Brongiel

Karolina Brongiel

Meet Karolina, one of our remarkable Senior Project Managers whose skillful guiding presence brings a compassionate touch to our projects. With a strong focus on building relationships and bringing out the best in people, Karolina creates an environment where success thrives and ideas flourish, and everyone has a lot of fun along the way, too.

At the core of her approach lies human-centred design and meticulous research. Her ability to empathise with clients and understand their needs ensures that every project is a true reflection of their vision and purpose. Born in Poland, Karolina’s diverse background in the theatre and arts world infuses her work style with a creative flair, enabling her to bring innovative solutions to the table.

But her impact goes way beyond the professional realm. Karolina is a dedicated counsellor-in-training and a Samaritans volunteer, where her caring nature extends to those around her. A bookworm and lifelong learner, she constantly seeks new opportunities to grow and evolve, inspiring everyone to embrace continuous learning. Karolina truly embodies our agency's commitment to social and environmental responsibility, contributing to a culture that values making a difference in the world. She’s also an avid sea swimmer, self-professed slow runner and all round super mum. We’d bottle her energy if we could.

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Special K.‍

What’s the weirdest app idea you’ve ever had?
An app to teach parents about parental control and online safety, helping them to understand what it means to be a young person on social media and help them set boundaries for their children.‍

What is your go-to snack?
Quavers, always!

Describe your work style in three words.
Loving, firm, focused.

Favourite quote or personal motto?
Even if you fall on your face you’re still going forwards :)‍

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