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Nick Kuh

As Agency Director (and part time cocktail mixology master and card shark), Nick’s role is to build a brilliant team that crafts and delivers 5 star apps people love. Nick is a developer and entrepreneur with a brain for business and a passion for startups. A techie founder and published author, he’s shipped apps to many millions of users, since the launch of Apple’s App Store back in 2008! He likes nothing more than helping our impactful startup and scale up clients grow, and win.

With over two decades of experience as a software developer, from the early days of iPhone app development in 2008 to writing the tech book ‘How to Build an App in 5 days’...*, Nick’s now an official UX convert. He truly gets the perfectly positioned balance between users and features in our design first agency, where harmonising user needs and business goals has become key to delivering impactful products.

Outside work, Nick has a love for sports, you’ll often find him driving a hole in one on the golf course, or hitting a winner on the squash court. He’s also a pretty keen snowboarder - well he was until his son overtook him aged 10 and started leaving him in a pile of powder! He’s a funny guy, and an absolute natural in front of a camera with a fantastic t-shirt collection, too

.‍*which at least one person said actually “changed their life”

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What’s the weirdest app idea you’ve had?
‘Glued’, an app I actually created when my son was 10 to help with digital detoxing. It was a family competition where the winner was the one who spent the least time on screen. That solved the finger pointing in our house and resulted in so much quality time together.

What is your go-to snack?
Apples. I eat a lot of apples. Otherwise I’d stuff my face on sweets!‍

What do you spend your monthly wellbeing budget on?
Audible, to listen to audiobooks on my walk to work, and a golfing app linked to my Apple watch.

What is your favourite meme / tech joke?
What's the difference between an introverted developer and an extroverted developer? An introverted developer looks at their own shoes, an extroverted developer looks at YOUR shoes.

Favourite quote or personal motto?
"Work hard, play hard, and make every moment count." - Vince Lombardi

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