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Tim Cryer

Tim Cryer

This is Tim, our wondrous, hilarious, multi-disciplined product designer and UX practitioner. He has worked at purpose-driven agencies and organisations of all sizes to deliver award-winning digital experiences and shape innovative propositions to engage, serve and delight millions. With two decades of experience under his belt, Tim’s journey into digital product design has been a transformative one. His transition from branding and marketing to creating products with an impact has enriched his professional journey, and we’re thrilled to have Tim guide us towards crafting digital solutions that truly make a difference.

At ASquared, Tim helps our clients understand their customers, identify opportunities and design innovative digital propositions that create sustainable, commercial and social value. He combines behavioural insight with Lean UX methodology to reduce the distance between ideas and execution, helping to mitigate risk, drive alignment and deliver value, fast. Through user research and customer-centricity, Tim dives into the minds of people, with a focus on removing friction through effective product design.

Beyond the world of innovation, he spends time with his three adorable kids and wife, often heading to the beach to enjoy a spot of surfing, or catching a wave at the awesome man-made surfing spot in his hometown, Bristol. He loves socialising with some good food and is itching to do another skydive soon. See, he’s always reaching new heights is our Tim!

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Core disciplines
UI design
UX Design
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Timbo Slice

If you could have invented any technology, what would it have been and why?
An inclusive technology to help people manage their finances (save and spend better), to reduce poverty and remove financial related anxiety.

Describe your work style in three words
Informed, Fast and Effective

What’s your favourite app-related meme or tech joke?
This one.

What’s the weirdest app idea you’ve ever had?
Augmented reality (AR) savings app - add things you’d love to buy to your living environment as a reminder, to keep you focused on the goal and track progress. Imagine; a brand new bicycle, a huge picture of your holiday destination or a brand new car parked next to the sofa in your living room. 

Favourite quote or personal motto?
UX is how it works, UI is how it looks.

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